About Us.

Our Story

MyWish4U.org - Simcha Layeladim - was founded by Joseph Zevuloni - an avid activist in the battle of pediatric cancer. Loosing his Mother to cancer at a very early age has made Joseph want to make a difference and help children to battle cancer.
"I strongly believe that a happy environment for a seriously ill child can significantly increase his or her chances to overcome the disease"
Joe's urge to help cancer stricken children has led to the formation of this non-profit organization. Dedicated to improving the lives of chronically ill children, Simcha Layeladim - offers the child and his family financial aid, sponsors unforgettable vacation packages, grants gifts and much more.
Joe's passion and kindness has impacted the lives of many around the world. His passion to bring smiles and happiness to the ill children is relentless and honorable. Joe's vitality and energy inspires those around him to help the children in need.
Amidst his busy schedule, Joe strives to personally meet all the kids and families aided by MyWish4U.org - Simcha Layeladim. Mr. Zevuloni has traveled to Disney theme parks in Orlando, FAO Shwarts in New York and local attractions with all the kids who have come to know him.
Our mission reflects the life-changing impact that a fun experience has on children and their families. We hope to realize their dreams to reality, and strongly believe that by creating a positive and exciting environment we can increase their strength to overcome their illnesses.

Our Team

MyWish4U.org - Simcha Layeladim - is operated, managed and directed by non paid volunteers. These volunteers dedicate their time, energy and resources to one common goal - improving the lives of children with a life threatening disease.
We are proud to say that we have no overhead costs. We have no "rent" to pay, no electric, phone etc. Those are provided by the volunteer staff and the directors of our organization.
If you'd like more information about our noble cause and an opportunity to help the remarkable children of MyWish4U.org - Simcha Layeladim, please
Name Title
Mr. Joseph Zevuloni Founder, Director
Mr. Brett David Volunteer Liaison of Special Events
Mr. Shlomi Ezra Director
Mrs. Shoshi Gabbai Director
Mr. Ryan Weisfisch Director
Ms. Estrella Hamui Ambassador

...and our invaluable volunteers, sponsors, partners and friends!

Help Make a Child's Wish Come True!

MyWish4U.org - Simcha Layeladim is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that runs almost entirely on donations. We need and appreciate donations of any size to keep providing smiles for children in need of them.