Our Heroes.

Our heroes are the critically ill children battling life-threatening medical conditions and pediatric cancers around the world. They may be your friends, family or neighbors. They are the kids you may see at the doctor's office or a hospital. Our heroes have spent more time in hospitals than in parks and have learned about life's obstacles at a very early age.

Families from across the United States have traveled to Orlando, Florida for unforgettable and fun, all-expense paid trips. Kids from Miami have also received gifts and encouragement to keep on fighting and hoping.

Children from "Tel Hashomer" Hospital Pediatric Oncology Unit in Israel have traveled to the United States for "Living The Dream" vacations in Miami and Orlando.

"There’s nothing like making a sick child’s wish come true. During our organized trips joy eclipses illness – and that’s why we’re here!"

Refer a Hero

Any child with a life-threatening medical condition is eligible for a dream vacation to Orlando through MyWish4U.org - Simcha Layeladim.
After a child is referred to us, we will contact the child's family to determine whether the child is medically eligible and capable to participate in our program based on the medical criteria and recommendation of the treating physician. We will then plan out the trip, overseeing every detail and making sure that the child and the family is happy and comfortable.

To learn more about referring a child, please contact us.

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MyWish4U.org - Simcha Layeladim - respects the privacy of the children and families it serves. All medical information is considered confidential and is not discussed with outside parties unless it is required for the wish and the child's parent(s) or guardian(s) have given their consent.

Help Make a Child's Wish Come True!

MyWish4U.org - Simcha Layeladim - is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that runs almost entirely on donations. We need and appreciate donations of any size to keep providing smiles for children in need of them.